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  • Singing In Harmony Course 2022
    The LMVC’s 8 week Singing in Harmony course has just concluded after being re-instated following a two year compulsory break due to Covid 19. This 3rd running of the course was intended to help to bring in new blood to the choir by offering a […]
  • New website
    It’s finally here! The new website is finally here! If you’re just looking for the members’ section, try the button below. Go to Members’ portal What’s new? The new site has been designed entirely for us. Doesn’t […]
  • Choir celebrates 50 years of singing
    A brief history of Loughborough Male Voice Choir Loughborough had a Male Voice Choir during the early years of the 20th century. Just when this choir was formed is uncertain but its existence is evidenced by the inscription on a Carillon Bell housed […]

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LMVC is one of Loughborough’s most respected and longest running choirs. For over 50 years it has thrilled concert audiences at home and abroad with its rich tones, and a repertoire which includes folk, show songs, Welsh hymns, opera, and traditional renditions. Something for every occasion.

Growing from strength to strength the Choir now has over 50 members all with a passion for singing and spending time in the company of others who enjoy it too….. and new blood is always welcome, so come along the door is always open!

LMVC was established in 1967 by a small group of choristers with a passion for singing. The Choir grew and now has over 50 members of mixed ages ranging from 25 to 85. Performing concerts has always been a key activity for the choir the importance of which was recognised by the appointment of Chris Hill as Director of Music.

As a member you can take part in concerts, music courses, enjoy social get-togethers, and sing your heart out at weekly practice where you get to learn new pieces.

If you like singing but are not sure if LMVC is for you, then pop along on a Thursday night and give us a try.

We offer a free voice assessment to see how you fit in before you decide to join, and remember that like a good wine your voice will improve given time and plenty of practice.

Don’t worry, surprisingly few of our members had voice training before joining. The choir’s exceptional sound comes from dedicated practice on a Thursday night at Trinity Methodist Church, Loughborough.

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Norman Hockley
07889 009928


Chris Hill
Musical Director
07462 798567

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