Thanks for visiting us here, at Loughborough Male Voice Choir, the Beating Heart of Singing in
Loughborough. We are working hard to look after our health, both our physical and our mental
health, and we know that singing and being part of our choir is good for us.

We know that singing helps us physically, and being with our friends here at the choir, even just
once a week, can help us to look forward to living our lives to the best we can.

And so we’re working with Charnwood Arts, who are supporting us in our quest to open our doors to
any male interested in seeing who we are and what we do. You’ll be made very welcome, you can sit
and listen to us sing, chat with members, and see what it’s like. And if you think you might like it,
then give it a go for a couple of weeks without any obligation. If you want to stay, then join us, join a
singing section of the choir, and start to learn to sing with us. You’ll get the help and encouragement
you need and the opportunity to sing in performance, if you want to.

We’re at Trinity Methodist Church on Royland Road, Thursday evenings, from 7.15-9.15. contact us
through our website or Facebook for more information.

What have you got to lose by coming down? And we think you’ll have a lot to gain. So, perhaps we’ll
see you soon?